We Are Equalized Among Ourselves Essay

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We are Equalized Among Ourselves Living among the differences of genders creates many outrages throughout the world especially in the United States. There are many stereotypes since the old ages perhaps mostly against woman, who have certain roles to accomplish. We the people are thought very different among our cultures there is many opinions on this gender issue of equality. The U.S. should have equal rights because we have evolved into new perspectives, it is a necessity that should not be enforced by law, and all discrimination towards gender inequalities existing on the government should be abolished. We are living in modern days in the United States and people should understand that gender issues should stay in the past. When we differentiate …show more content…
Cover Girl states that, James Charles, 17, is a “…makeup artist and a boundary breaker, and that he will not be the last” (Stiegman, "How James Charles Tackles His Senior Year of High School and High-Profile Photo Shoots", 2016). We can observe by these examples that we are slowly adopting a new way of seeing things. For instance, that we no longer have to stick to one perspective of admiring people the way opinions or cultures are thought to be. Rules were made to be broken, but they should only be done for respectable purposes only such as embracing on what you desire to be. Although there are many people opposing the idea of others disbelieving their cultures or opinions they may say that this may be a dishonor to them and that they should stick to gender roles. Cultures and gender roles portray women to stay inside the house and attend the needs and men are the ones that work outside and do construction works around the house. This is pursued to be a nature role of gender in society. However, as the years go by there is more women who become more independent, and men who do not downgrade …show more content…
These kind of people are the ones that made us want to pass an equal rights amendment. This amendment was first introduced back when women had the right to vote, and got into congress in 1923. For approximately fifty years this amendment was left buried, until 1971 the media outraged for a liberation movement. Many people wanted and still want a “gender-neutral society in which men and women would be treated exactly the same” and the amendment which states, “equality of rights under the law should not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex” (LA Times, "Gender Equality", 2016). This shows how people should not discriminate somebody based on their gender, and we should let them do what they desire or believe in. For example, in schools, students are expected to follow the code of conduct which it varies on females and males, but their main focus stays in the ladies. Whereas with males it stays on their hair staying short, and their pants not being so low, with the ladies it goes furthermore than their hair and pants. They may not wear certain clothes because it distracts the males from focusing in school, yet many males who attend school take clothes that are appealing to the other sex. In the contrary, people might oppose to these amendments because of the simple act that if this law gets passed people who receive “child-support” or “help from their husbands and they divorce the husband

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