Essay about We Are Destined For Greatness

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Growing up I think we all liked to believe that we were destined for greatness. We’d have the perfect job, maybe even be a famous actor or athlete; something that brought recognition and respect from others. It’s wonderful to be so youthful and truly feel like the world is your oyster and one day you’re going to take it. That quintessential life, the job, the spouse, the things you’ll own, places you’ll go; it’s all coming and there’s nothing that can stop it.
The Hollywood script that our youthful selves envisioned conjured images of constant stimulation and excitement. For a lot of us, reality starts to dampen that sense of adventurous hope and for too many young adults life hits a point of, “I guess this is it for me.” Sure, you’ve got that one friend who turned out to be a professional athlete; one guy you knew in high school has a band that’s taking off or maybe even one buddy whose tech startup went big. For you and the rest of your peers a feeling of inadequacy starts to set in. That’s not to say that you are disappointed in your life or what you’re doing; I know I’m not in mine. But I’ve also had an inner monologue that’s told me from time to time, “This isn’t exactly how I expected things to go” Good news: practically no one expected the cards to initially fall how they did, but you have to realize that this isn’t the only hand you’re going to play with your life. While they may be ever changing and evolving, the important thing is that you still have goals and…

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