We All Have Our Differences Essay

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We all have our differences. No one acts the same but we are the same. Remember the cookie illustration?“You mix the ingredients to prepare the batter, and then you put each cookie onto a cookie sheet using a spoon. I imagined that the moment each cookie leaves the bowl of dough and is placed onto the tray, it begins to think of itself as separate. You, the creator of the cookies, know better…You know that they are originally all one, and that even now, the happiness of each cookie is still the happiness of all the other cookies. But they have developed "discriminative perception" and suddenly they set up barriers between themselves. When you put them in the oven, they begin to talk to each other: "Get out of my way. I want to be in the middle." "I am brown and beautiful, and you are ugly!" "Can 't you please spread a little in that direction?" We have the tendency to behave this way also, and it causes a lot of suffering.” Remembering this each time you speak with someone will help you understand that differences aren 't differences at all, love them the way you love yourself.

Its natural for our minds to wander, to an old memory or one you have yet to make. Its natural to think of a song and to let it drown out someone or their words…its like habit energy and for myself it is the main obstacle in the way of mindfulness. It may seem overwhelming but you can overcome it, never become angry with yourself, and this is not to say the past and future are negative things, but…

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