Ways Of Managing Stress For Healthcare Workers Essay

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Ways of Managing Stress for Healthcare Workers:

The Benefits of Three Simple Changes

Stress is the “silent killer” of healthcare workers. More than half of healthcare

workers experience burnout through their career. Also stress can lead to different

illnesses and death. Furthermore many physiological, physical, and emotional changes

are associated with burnout. Everyone experiences stress, especially health care

workers. Healthcare workers can experience a large amount of stress from work, family,

friends and other factors in life. Burnout is the outcome of these stresses. Healthcare workers should take extra steps to take care of themselves instead of sabotaging themselves with bad habits. Subsequently

anyone can find ways to cope in a healthy manner. Simple and minor things like physical activity, nutritious

choices in meals, and practicing meditation can all lead to stress reduction in a person’s

life. These three ways are beneficial at managing stress. It can help benefit workers in a

natural and safe manner, unlike extreme cases. Also to prevent burnout from stress and

have healthy ways to cope.

Physical Activity

Physical activity has many benefits when it comes to one’s health, but more

importantly on stress relief. As a matter of fact, seven out of ten Americans reported to

have stress that affects their work; reported by the American Psychological Association.

Physical activity can be defined by cardiovascular activities such…

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