Wayne Thiebaud Essay

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Wayne Thiebaud

November 15, 1920 (age 91)
Mesa, Arizona Wayne Thiebaud is best known for his Pop art. He is associated with the Pop art movement because he is fascinated in objects of mass culture and because of his many images of banal objects. Unlike other familiar Pop artists such as Andy Warhol and James Rosenquist, Wayne worked from life instead of media pictures. His engagement of this style of art is evident through his loose brushstroke whereas many other Pop artists would prefer use a hard-edge painting style. This Pop artist is most famous for his still life images of food, especially sweets including ice cream, candy, gum and pastries, all painted in bright pastels with thick strokes. Wayne Thiebaud’s passion for art
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As Thiebaud’s career as a cartoonist and graphic designer began to develop, World War II took place. During 1942 to 1945, Wayne Thiebaud took part in the U.S. Army Air Force, where his skills as an artist kept him out of combat. After the war, he resumed his career as a commercial artist, working for the Rexall drugstore chain, along with others. While working at Rexall, he met a fellow commercial artist, Robert Mallary, who was also an aspiring fine artist. Robert Mallary encouraged Thiebaud to study fine art, and to deepen his education. Wayne Thiebaud also had many other experienced commercial artists in the schools he went to who encouraged him to study illustration, which set him to learning the skills of a commercial artist. While wanting to support his family, Thiebaud became a teacher while pursuing a career as a fine artist as well. What I found most interesting about Wayne Thiebaud’s life was how he made many transitions in his career as an artist. Going back and forth between many career choices, he still managed to have his artwork recognized by a large audience and even receive numerous honors for his work. Another fact that I found interesting was how Thiebaud never truly embraced the concept of pop art. His art was more often characterized as a parody of commercialism and consumer society. Thiebaud became well known through his craftsmanship and his dedication to his own vision, without concern for

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