Essay on Waves, Sound and Light

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Its weird how some people don’t question the things that are obvious to us. The things we see, how do we see it? What makes it visible to us? Is it only because we have eyes, or is there another factor. The great Aristotle explained it by having something in our eyes that emits “something” to an object and that’s why things are visible to us. Another question we could ask from our daily life is that how come we can hear? What is it that we hear? Why do we hear it and deaf people don’t? How do we receive any sound? People use sound all the time. We rely on sounds to communicate. Unexpected noises may warn us of danger. The sounds we hear tell us a lot about our surroundings. Many animals also use sound. Even animals that live in water. …show more content…
The unit of frequency is the hertz (Hz). Now that we looked at waves, it’s easy to move to sound. A sound is basically a wave that needs to transfer through a medium. Its not like any other waves, sound cannot travel without medium. It needs any kind of medium, solid, liquid or gas (like air). Aristotle questioned or explained why we can’t hear the heavenly bodies though planets are enormous in size, plus they move really fast, in his On The Heavens. However, The reason of why we can’t listen to it because there is no medium (vacuum) for the sound to travel. That is why we can’t hear anything. And that’s why if two people in the moon tried to talk, sound wont come out from their mouths. The frequency of a sound wave can be High-pitched or low-pitched.

Sound can be produced by vibrating an object. Lets take for an example a drum. If you hit the stick to the surface of the drum, it will vibrate hence produce waves that would transfer through the air (medium) and get to our ears and then we recognize this sound as the sound of a drum. But there are sounds we cant hear because our hearing is limited which is a bless. Imagine you can hear everything in this world. It’ll be annoying or hard to focus on one thing or we might get used to it and find it normal. You can’t actually say that something would be annoying or unacceptable if you haven’t experienced it. Maybe if things were different since we were born, it wont be so different

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