Wave Power Should Be The Main Replacement Of Fossil Fuels Essay

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Hello, hello thank you all for coming today. Now I know when you hear the word “speech” or “essay” you think this is going to be very boring. Don’t worry it’s not boring, unless you don’t like speeches or essays. Ok so time we face the fact that we can depend on fossil fuels any longer and that we need something else. I believe that wave power should be the main replacement of fossil fuels. Wave power is an unbelievable new source of clean, reusable energy. First off, waves are made when “wind blows against the surface of the sea and creates waves that are packed with kinetic energy” (Spilsbury 18). As big as the oceans are, I believe the benefits of wave power are even greater. There could be no limit to what we could get from wave power because “the oceans are an enormous reservoir of energy” (Wave Power). Now does anyone have an idea or can give an example of how wave energy works? Well though every device is unique in it’s own way, they are all based off of one equation. P = wh, “where P represents pressure, w represents the weight of the water per unit volume, and h represents the distance from the surface” (Wave Power).
Now let’s be honest. Do you know anything about wave power? If not, before I can explain the pros to this fascinating power source, first I must explain the downsides. “When valleys are flooded to create hydroelectric reservoirs, the plants underwater rot and release a greenhouse gas called methane. This gas stays in the atmosphere for longer and…

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