Watsons Go To Birmingham Analysis

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The impulsive stereotypes disperse across the pure air, hampering innocent people on its way as abrupt as the speed of light. Those innocent people that own a loving heart are now sunken in an horrific abyss, coated with a pitch black darkness which shatters people’s reputation. Labels are put on people because of the arrogant stereotypes revolving around us. Labeling (Stereotyping) is the occurrence of discrimination and slur language based on occupation, race, the level of income, the particular academic background, diction, and even appearance. However to this stereotyping, the interpretation of a person can be found by the human’s personality, uniqueness of skills, and the leadership of a person.

To begin with, the person’s personality
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The uniqueness of a person is basically a distinctive trait that is seldom in the particular area. It clearly states in the ‘Watsons Go To Birmingham- 1963’ in Kenneth’s perspective, “I had two things wrong with me that I would have gotten me(myself) beat up and teased. I loved to read, people thought I was smart, teachers especially.” The quote from the significant literary work shows that it is discriminatory to beat up and tease a child because of their intelligence. In Kenneth’s situation, Kenny’s unique gifts were his intelligence, and his enthusiasm for literature. The 2000 drama film Finding Forrester was about a sixteen year old who was a African American that was offered a scholarship however he was falsely accused of plagiarism of writing because his race and academic excellence. In the resolution of the film, the pupils found out of the sixteen year old’s unique gift of writing. This film showed academic discrimination. In the poem “Labels” by the poetic Sarah Holbrook, it clearly states, “I’m a chunk style vegetable soup of cultural bits. My recipe is unique and no label fits.” This particular quote from the poem explained that people from all races and cultures are

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