Watson's Theory of Human Caring Essay

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Jean Watson's Theory of Human Caring
Jessamie Garvin University of Phoenix
NUR/403 Theories and Models of Nursing Practice
July 1, 2014
Instructor: Mega Deol

Watson's Theory of Human Caring
In today’s fast-paced and technology centered health care environment, nurses remain at the cornerstone of care by providing care, practicing the core concepts of nursing, and maintaining the caring models. To assist us in providing quality care we have theorists like Jean Watson whose theories influence and guide us in providing exceptional patient care. In this paper I will discuss Jean Watson’s theory of human caring including the background and the major concepts of her theory. In addition, I
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They were introduced as a theoretical counterpart to the notion of “curative” factors that are dominant in medicine. According to Watson, the “Carative factors provide a framework to hold the discipline and profession of nursing; they were informed by a deeper vision and ethical commitment to the human dimensions of caring in nursing” (Watson, 2008). Over the years the original 10 carative factors evolved into what it known today as the 10 “Caritas Processes” which are basically a more fluid aspect of the original 10 carative factors model. The meaning of Caritas is “love of humankind” (Oxford Dictionaries, 2014) and therefore the caritas processes are exactly that, a set of processes that promote and cultivate a love of humankind.
The 10 Caritas processes are as follows; 1. The formation of a Humanistic – Altruistic system of values. 2. The installation of Faith and Hope. 3. The cultivation of sensitivity to oneself and others. 4. The development of a helping-trusting relationship. 5. The promotion and acceptance of the expression of positive and negative feelings. 6. The systematic use of the scientific problem-solving method for decision making. 7. The promotion of interpersonal teaching and learning. 8. The provision for a supportive, protective and /or corrective mental, physical, socio-cultural and spiritual environment. 9. Assistance with the gratification of human needs.

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