Watergate : The Power Of Power Essay

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Watergate as defined by most historians, is one of the most prominent scandals that erupted in the years of Richard Nixon 's second term involving the break-down of Nixon 's administration amidst a very dangerous political scandal that shocked the beliefs of the American people and changed the view of the commander-in-chief 's position forever. Watergate is known as the largest abuse of power by an executive office in modern American history. President Nixon and his administration were not the first to abuse power in the Oval Office as the first events of power abuse had happened since the controversial court packing case that happened when Roosevelt was president in nineteen thirty seven. Because of the ongoing efforts of the United States battle on communism, which is most prevalent in the Vietnam war, which just ended as well as the alleged hysteria running rampant with the Cold War and communism in general . Nixon and his administration had exercised the ability to spy on anyone who seems to be a threat to the nation and who he assumed to be communist. This ended up putting Nixon’s administration into hot water as the administration was committing illegal acts of espionage and using the federal agencies of the government to spy on said individuals.
Due to this, On August 8th, 1974, President Nixon had resigned from the office of the presidency. With a declining interest in Nixon 's presidency and an underwhelming approval rating of twenty-four percent,_ Nixon had…

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