Water Wars Essay

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Water is our past. Water is our future. Without it, we cannot survive, and there are no alternatives. Many people have likened the issue of water scarcity to our current economic struggle over petroleum. Without petroleum, we cannot drive our cars, and we may have to walk to school or work. This is not the case for water, as we are not interested in the issue of sustaining life itself. Unfortunately, water scarcity is in the household of our near future. This means that, similarly, petroleum leads to war now, water will lead to war in the near future. There are three main reasons why water scarcity will become one of our most serious problems in the near future.
Policies and practices of water management under water scarcity
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The results of global warming are low average rainfall and high temperature which are caused by water scarcity. In addition, also the cause of global warming is such as changing vegetation conditions leads to water scarcity. First of all, low average rainfall leads to the water which we have come short of the world water consumption. If the amount of rainfall decreases, water sources will disappear. Secondly, high temperature brings about high amount of evaporation. Therefore, water sources again will become extinct. The final reason of water scarcity is changing vegetation conditions. For example, deforestation is harmful for the nature because forests have an important role of water cycle. Without forest, there is no rain; without rain, there is no water; without water, there is no life.
Insufficient water resources are the final reason for why water scarcity will become one of our most serious problems in near future. To begin with, there is a high amount of groundwater in the world but it is limited. Although the groundwater is limited, it is damaged by unplanned urbanization. For example, the groundwater resources are destroyed to construct a factory. Secondly, water pollution damage heavily fresh water resources. To illustrate, waste of factories flow into the sea. Unfortunately, a few amount of waste may cause high pollution for water.
To conclude, water scarcity is a problem of the future. There is heavy agenda today, and water scarcity is currently in the

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