Water Treatment And Sewage Treatment Essay

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This week’s assignment on water treatment and sewage treatment in the local area sparked the interest of this student. The Massaponax, Virginia wastewater treatment plant is currently rated for 8.0 Million Gallons per Day (MGD) average daily flow, with plans to expand to 9.4 MGD. The local wastewater plant is also has the capability to remove biological nutrients. It was interesting to note that the wastewater plant turns solids into bio solids and is later used as a fertilizer for more than 65,000 acres of Virginia land approved for bio solids. Bio solids is a term that refers to solids, semi-solid, or liquid materials are removed from the sewage and treated to be used as a fertilizer. The wastewater feeds into the Chesapeake Bay.
(Reference: www.spotsylvania.va.us)

Another article this student found very interesting was on pesticides and weed killers. The article was titled appropriately as “The dark side of the American lawn”. The article referenced many everyday lawn chemicals many people use without the full knowledge of the harmful effects to the environment or to humans. The article explains how a group of students were sitting outside with their Professor and they see a groundskeeper in a full chemical suit on a mower spraying chemicals on the University’s lawn. One of the students stopped the groundskeeper and asked what he was spraying and was it dangerous. The reply was that the groundskeeper was spraying 2, 4-D and it was not dangerous after it…

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