Water: The Essential Elixir In The Life Of Water

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Water is crucial to life. It is the “the essential elixir” to life as Cynthia Barnett states in “Our Water Ethic for Florida”. People are told this in elementary school and onwards yet few people truly grasp the truth behind this seemingly simple statement. “We are bound in the memory and mystery of exhilarating, confounding, life-giving rain”, Cynthia Barnett states as she ends the prologue for her book Rain. Water is fundamental to cooking, washing, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, energy production, and waste disposal. Seemingly contrary to its many uses, water itself has a simplistic composition. A water molecule is composed of two hydrogen and one-oxygen atoms. The hydrogen atoms each share an electron with oxygen in a covalent bond. …show more content…
It is easier said than done but all we must do to cease many of the listed problems is to enact the following solutions. On a very simplistic, small-scale, we can all make certain choices daily to reduce water waste and help prevent water pollution. To reduce water waste, we can reduce domestic usage of fresh water by using more water-efficient showers, dishwashers, toilets, etc. Some places have even adopted water-less urinals. On a very basic level, we can simply turn off the water while we brush our teeth and in between rinsing dishes. Another more simple solution is to stop washing our cars. This simply solutions have large-scale impacts if enacted by all Americans. A larger scale solution is the enactment of stricter laws to encourage industrial recycling and reduce industrial water waste. Polyculture, organic farming, irrigation at night, and important water-intensive crops and meats are all agriculture related solution to reducing water waste. Another major solution is to preserve water quality. Water pollution needs to be more heavily regulated. For starters, we should ban the discharge of industrial toxic waste reduction into municipal sewer

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