Water Sustainability Essay

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We can improve water sustainability in domestic and agricultural use by using more sustainable appliances. For example, for domestic use water efficient appliances could help improve water sustainability. We could improve the water efficient appliances we have now. Using water efficient appliances will help reduce our water footprint and conserve energy. I believe there could be an efficient greywater treatment system that could recycle water from that was used for showering. Individuals could take shorter showers and turn off the faucet when brushing their teeth. Before taking this course I was not aware that water could be recycled. I would argue that recycling greywater would help everyone conserve water. For agriculture we need to start …show more content…
This is not just a science problem it involves ethics. So many individuals do not have enough water to survive. This concerns me because humans need water to survive, so this should concern everyone. If we don’t start treating water like the life source it is, then one day there won’t be enough water for everyone. I was shocked to learn that water was not a human right. Ethically, I believe water should be a human right especially now that water is becoming more and more scarce. If water is not properly taken care of we will soon run out. This could lead to major political debate on who should have control over the water and possibly be used as a way to control people. People with senior water rights might start to privatize their water to gain power. This concerns me because I do not have senior water rights, so I might not get access to water. I would argue that we should start to regulate how water is being used, before it’s too late. I want there to be sufficient water for future generations of humans and animals. Now so many animal species are becoming extinct due to our water practices. Before taking this course I was unaware that Salmon runs in the Yakima Valley were becoming scarce. We need to regulate water, so fish species can survive. Our ecosystem needs the animals and fresh water. Without each other humans will all also become extinct. Since I am from the Yakima Vally how water is regulated effects me because the little water that is available is being used for agricultural

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