Water Solubility Of Water

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pH Levels:
The pH level system is the measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions in solutions. Subsequently, if there is a higher concentration then the pH is low meaning it’s acidic and if there’s a lower concentration then there’s a high pH levels meaning it’s basic. pH levels affect the quality of water because it affects the toxicity and the solubility of chemical substances and heavy metals. This causes the concentration of hydrogen ions in the water to change from the normal pH range for water of 6.5 to 8.5. This change causes the water quality to diminish because more harmful chemicals are dissolved in the water releasing toxins. The quality of water will ultimately decrease with these substances present. As well, if the water acidity
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Excessive salt content can pose serious health effects and damage the economy. Salinity of water can lead to soil erosion and impact the biodiversity of the region which can affect the solubility of water which ultimately alters the quality of water. The method of measuring the salinity of water is known as total dissolved solids. This method is widely used to determine the amount of salt in a sample of water. The normal salinity content for the best quality of freshwater is 20 mg L-1 to 1000 mg L 1. This range is determined by various aspects such as urbanization. Therefore, if the body of water is further away from urbanization and human population then the salinity of the water should be within the normal range. This indicator was chosen because when doing this method, other substances will be found along with the salt which can be used to determine the quality of water (Regional Aquatics Monitoring Program). Overall, this indicator has a very simple process: a sample amount of water will be boiled until the water has evaporated. The remnants left will be weighed and the masses of the total dissolved solids of the four bodies of water will be compared. Hence, approximately one litre of water will be collected as a sample from each body of water. Since the four areas are bodies of freshwater, the results are expected to be within the range. However, since the storm water pond is near construction then it can be deduced that the pond may have more dissolved content than

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