Water Shortage And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Water is essential for any living organism to thrive in the environment. The problem the world is facing today is the water supply According to the World Economic Forum, a water crisis is the #1 global threat based on impact to society. The world’s population is predicted to increase to 9 million by the year 2050. This has already put pressure on local water resources resorting to decreased water for food, energy, and industrial production. One area in particular who’s suffering from water scarcity due to the type geographical region and political influence is the Middle East. The core area of the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, and Israel is the major world region with the greatest confirmed water deficiency. These countries depend on the Persian Gulf for their drinkable water, any disruptions to the system could be dictatress, Also, with the population of the area are increasing by three percent per year, access to the water of the Nile Tigris, and Euphrates rivers, as well as to aquifers in the West Bank, has caused heated dispute between countries. With the Middle East being the world’s driest region, the area is more prone to a water crisis than other world regions.
The Middle East has experienced the highest population growth in the past century. The annual population growth reached a peak of 3 percent around 1980. Improvements in human survival, particularly during the second half of the 20th century, led to rapid population growth. The…

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