Water Scarcity Essay

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The earth is now facing many problems such as climate change and droughts, and all of them result from human activity. Water scarcity is one of the biggest challenges because safe drinking water is reducing year by year. Nothing can survive without water as well as human beings so it is necessary to protect clean water from decreasing from now on. In this essay, three causes of water scarcity will be identified. It will also pay attention to the measures to solve the problem.

The major cause of water shortage is the increasing demand. The continuous growth in population contributes most to the increasing demand (Robert 2005). As a result of the population explosion, people have no choice but to find and use more water though this may
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In addition, sea water can also satisfy people’s daily requirement after filtering with the specific facility. Actually, these technologies have already existed, as long as they are popularized, water shortage can relieved.

Carrying out new policies is another way to solve water shortage crisis. The government should always play a central role in solving problems. It should take action to make people pay attention to water saving. For instance, the government can raise the price of water so that those who waste water will pay for their bills (Robert Glennon 2005). In addition, using waste water should be encouraged. Furthermore, the government should support the enterprises to develop new technologies which can help people save or reuse water. It is impossible that people can always find water so they should take full advantage of every drop of water. The new laws should also be carried out to punish the companies which overuse water while the environmental friendly ones should be rewarded. Over all, if the government put these policies into practice, less water will be wasted.

Water scarcity is really an urgent problem for our earth. The population explosion has brought larger demand for water than ever before. Therefore, it is time to act. If new technologies are adopted and policies are carried out, water scarcity can be slowed down.
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