Water Quality Control And Environmental Safety Essay

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After a snow melt or a rainstorm, what happens to all the water? Cities and neighborhoods employ a variety of techniques for storm water management. Even now, the technology of this field continues to advance to ensure that water will flow to the right place at the right time. Before the 1980s, no one paid much attention to storm water treatment solution because the greatest challenge before that period was managing the quantity of the water and redirecting during and after a major storm.

At that time, the common strategy meant the creating of dry storm water ponds that found their ways into baseball diamonds, parks and soccer fields across the country. The rules and regulations concerning water quality control and environmental protect have always been legislated, and we have seen a wide variety of different techniques that were invented in communities. After a while, the focus on storm water management shifted to better water quality, and one of the most visible tools that we use is known as a storm water pond. They might look like a natural space, but they collect, retain and treat the storm water of the area.

Municipalities have a responsibilities to maintaining these water runoff methods, but the maintenance in itself can pose a challenge and high expense. Since this time, engineers have searched for better methods and environmental scientists have been seeking alternatives designs that will collect, treat and move the storm water after the snow melts or a rainstorm…

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