Water Pollution Is Becoming More Prominent Everyday Essay

758 Words Jan 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
I feel like the subject of water pollution is become more prominent everyday. There are many misconceptions and the facts discussed are often presented in different viewpoints. One area of controversy is the quantity of useable water on the earth. Both sides agree on one point that the clean drinking water is not evenly distributed across the globe. The facts speak clearly and show that there is enough water spread across the globe to adiquently supply the earths populaiton. The issue that the earth faces is the uneven distribution of the water. China holds 20% of the earths population and they only reiceive about 5% of the rainfall. While other countires like ourselves have smaller populations and recieve more then what even distribution would be. The big question that faces not only economist but also enviormentalists is how much water do we need. I think that that the answer to this question differs based on climate, production and life necessities/ comforts. The required water usage for an individual in the United States could easly encompass could easliy be derived from bodily needs, food prodution needs, cleanliness/ sanitization needs at a minimum. THis does not account for conviences like a dishwasher, yard sprinkles, car washes or something simple like a bubble bath. I think that it i importt to not forget the businesses water use in America and other developed countries. Water would fall under the catagory of property resources and water is a resrouces that is used…

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