Water Pollution Essay

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Pollution is one of the factors that have been an annoying growing concern over the last decade. Pollution occurs in many aspects of environment, such as agricultural pollution, air pollution, sound pollution, etc. However, this essay will be demonstrating the pollution of water in seas. Water is one of the greatest gifts of nature, but unfortunately humans have spoiled this resource to a hazardous stage that cannot be controlled. Actually, water pollution is defined as any chemical or physical change in the water harmful to the living creatures. Moreover, it is a problem created by humans because of the spread of industrialization around the earth, and it is considered as one of the worst types of pollutions in the entire world. In the past …show more content…
One of the most dangerous effects of water pollution is that it can lead into many infections, diseases and health issues that cause death. For instance, malaria is an illness caused by dirty water; it affects the kidney directly resulting to kidney failure. Another disease is the Travellers Diarrhoea. It is caused by sewage, non-treated drinking water; it affects the large intestine and also the liver. Imbalance in the life forms in water, when fertilizers are released into the water, the chemicals in them will lead into an abnormal growth in water organisms such as algae and marine plants, the abnormal growth will make them grow in a larger size which will block up the water ways, and thus blocking will prevent the sufficient oxygen needed by them from entering. One of the most seriously troubling effects of water pollution is the death of marine animals that lives in the aquatic system such as birds, whales and dolphins and fish in general sea. The main cause of this effect is the oil leaking and disposal from oil Tankers. The discharge of the oil in sea makes the water surface thick and black in color, this will block the sun light and oxygen from entering causing death to fish. For instance, over 8,000 animals from different types such as birds, turtles and mammals, were reported as death after the spill of oil in American coast. Furthermore, water pollution may have a negative effect on human in their work aspects. For example, by taking away jobs from fishermen and crabbers because of the lack of fishing

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