Water Pollution And The Natural Environment Essays

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Water is everywhere covering over two thirds of the Earth’s surface with only about a third of the surface being covered by land. Even though there is an immense amount of water on the Earth, water pollution has become a major global issue that needs to be dealt with because water is an important resource to both humanity and the natural environment. Water pollution has polluted many bodies of water such as oceans, rivers, lakes, etc., and is extremely harmful to both humans and the environment’s health. When the population of Earth was smaller, no one believed that water pollution would be a major global problem because many people believed that the Earth’s water supply was too big to ever be polluted. But with the ever-increasing population growth, water pollution has begun to escalate rapidly as people are increasingly putting pressure on the Earth’s water resources by not being aware of their activities that are causing the water quality to be reduced. The world needs to be more aware of this major global issue and learn how it is caused and how to prevent it. Water pollution is contamination of the water from a substance that has entered a body of water and has begun to build up to an extent where it may be harmful for people and the environment. Oceans, lakes, rivers, and other big bodies of water usually don’t have this kind of problem because they are only affected by a certain amount of pollution because they can naturally clean up a small amount by dispersing into…

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