Essay on Water Management And The Drought

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ESPM 50 – F’16 – FP-O1-FD– Zhu, Daniel - Section #119.
Water Management and the Drought in California
Water management has been a problem in California’s history since the first settlers moved to California. With most of the water located in the north and eastern parts and most of the population in the southern, desert part of the state, problems were guaranteed to occur. However, in the past five years, a drought has plagued most of the western United States and especially, California. An especially strong La Niña coupled with low snowfall and global warming have caused significant problems with the water supply there. Due to the drought, water management in general and agricultural management of water have been changed significantly, which can be seen through policies enacted by the government as well as the development of technology to fight the drought. Both the changes in management and the drought itself have affected the agricultural sector very negatively, but the economy remains stable. In this paper, I will first discuss the general impact of the drought in water management, then a case study of the effects on agriculture, specifically looking at the production of fruits and nuts compared with the production of vegetables, an analysis of the changes to California’s economy and finally, provide steps to take in the future to reduce the problems caused by the drought.
First and foremost, the drought has caused the government to implement many policies to alleviate…

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