Water Issue : Water Problem Essay

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Essay1: Water Issue
Water is the massive problem that has been occurring for a long time. Even if the federal government, local government, and water organizations, have helped to create many projected in order to solve the problem, it seems the demand of water in the west is still increasing annually. If we all consider the root of water issue in the west, there are several significant reasons that could be explained why we are still facing such a problem. Back to late 1800-1900 century, when the west began to develop in every dimension of societies, such as, economy, cities, industrial society, people also moved to the bigger cities rather living in small cities. The size of city becomes bigger and bigger. Any development brought the changes to the West. In addition, the west is located in the aridity area, every area is so dry. It might be difficult to find water supply. In this water issue, I would like to present and examine the significant situations that occurred in the west, which are, Colorado water plan, Los Angeles water problem, the Navajo water project, and other interesting issue related to industrial activities in the west. First, Colorado area has to rely on the seven major basins like Colorado River, Gunnison, San Juan/ Dolores, Arkansas, South Platte, and Yampa. Those are the main sources of water consuming in Colorado. Based on the information, 80% of the water in the state basically falls west while most people live in the east of the slope. Boulder is…

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