Essay Water Is The Element Essential For Life On Earth

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Water is the element essential for life on Earth. Understanding the fundamental characteristics of water is important for both scientific and practical reasons. Hence, this paper deals the origin of the water on Earth, molecular characteristics of water and chemical bonds, influences of temperature, conductivity and salinity, and water cycle and constituents.

There are multiple theories about the origin of water on Earth, and all the theories suggest that the water come from outer space. The universe with all its extension has some common elements that are found. The atom found most of the universe is hydrogen, and a molecule often found in the universe is water. Water an earth and space is also found in the solid state that is ice.1 The best known theory about the origin of water on Earth suggests that the water came to Earth with comets. In the beginning, the comets collided with planet. Comets brought ice water, but the Earth had high temperatures. Therefore, the ice water turned into steam when they came into contact with the atmosphere of Earth. 2 As the Earth cooled the water started condensed becoming liquid water, and thereby going to the ground to create the oceans, lakes, and rivers.2 This is the most common theory about the origin of water on Earth.

The water is known for its chemical formula H_2 O. This means that the water molecule has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. All the atoms have electrons in their orbits, and those electrons are divided in…

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