Water Is No Longer Natural Essays

1257 Words Aug 21st, 2015 null Page
If we woke up today and the world were different so that the vibrant green of the leaves would never change their colors in the fall and the grass we so love to feel beneath our barefeet was just an imitation of the real thing, it would be very diverse from the world we’ve come to know. Water is no longer natural, for man has found a way to chemically recreate it, and precipitation is controlled by man so it may not cycle with the changing of the seasons - one day it can be sunny with a warm, inviting temperature of 83 degrees fahrenheit, and the next day everything is much different as a brutal winter storm rolls in that no one could have suspected. But if our outside world is fabricated, then who’s to say it is not the same inside ourselves as well. In a world where emotions are artificial, your feelings come bottled up, ready for you to buy and rightfully inject into your bloodstream. You could most likely find these “artimotions” sold at every street corner making it too hard to get away when these stores are everywhere you turn. And if you had the willpower to keep yourself from using these manmade feelings, all because you wanted to feel something on your own terms... you couldn’t. Without these mock feelings, you don’t feel anything - elation, anger, sadness, love; if you can name it, you can not feel it by your own doing. Perhaps this would be a good thing though compared to the very real possibility of an overdose and the inevitable dangers that come with it.…

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