Water Is A Prime Element Responsible For Life On Earth Essay

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Water Desalination
Water is a prime element responsible for life on earth and it the most important resource. Without water, living creatures cannot survive. Water plays a major role in food security, domestic uses, environmental and ecosystem services and in industrial production. Industrial and domestic sectors use less water as compared to agriculture but recently there is a rapid growth in the usage of water in these two sectors. (Claudia Ringler, 2010) Water covers two thirds of the earth’s surface and the human body consists 75 percent of it. Water scarcity has been on the rise and predictions state that 60% of major cities in the world will run short of water in the next decade. In many parts of the world water usage has continued to rise despite the many attempts by environmentalists to encourage conservation and desalination. (Strang, 2004)
In the Middle East, fresh water resources are diminishing and the most affected are those who have a limited access to pure water. The luxurious cities in the Middle East may assume that water is not a problem for them but the sad reality is that there is a serious depletion of reliable water sources. (Barton) “A report from the Emirates Industrial Bank in 2005 said that the UAE had the highest consumption of water in the world. At this current rate, the UAE will deplete its natural fresh water resources in about thirty years.” (Barton) Water in the 21 century is not just a physical resource as it has been encoded spiritual,…

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