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Coca-Cola Water
Neutrality Initiative
Water is an element that is required to sustain human life. Even though it makes up 80% of the planet, many areas on Earth experience a deficit supply of water. All water molecules are made of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, but not all water is equal. Water can sustain life in its solid, liquid and gas forms, however its polluted element can often be poisonous and deadly. The Coca-Cola Company experienced a policy changing public issue with its operational plants in India in the 2000s (Lawrence & Weber, 2011). Coca-Cola neglected to consider how their overconsumption and pollution of the water resources would affect the host community’s supply and climate. As a result, the plants’
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They analyzed the problem by studying and scrutinizing their globally operations regarding water management practices and impact (Lawrence & Weber, 2011). Not only did they generate options to solve the issues on their own, they enlisted the help from their environmentally conscious stakeholders. Together, they created tools to generate benchmark reports for bottling technique to optimize the use of water and developed a goal to conserve fresh water sources by replenishing with water that has been neutralized or treated. For a global impact, they took action by funding World Wildlife Fund and participating in water conservation projects (Lawrence & Weber, 2011). Their efforts were not yet evaluated, but they did pride themselves in the bigger picture, which was effectively and deliberately going through the issue management life cycle. The Nature Conservancy, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, UNESCO, CARE, and the World Wildlife Fund provided expert advice and aided in generating options for this public issue. This type of stakeholder engagement and dialogue improved Coca-Cola’s image in two-fold. They understood their problem and humbled themselves to ask for help from establishment who are more familiar with

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