Water Filtration Essay

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The Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Challenge is a way for first year engineering students to apply the skills they are learning in a “real world” scenario, while providing communities with support and solutions to problems that they face on a day to day basis.
For this year’s challenge we have selected the task of designing a solution to the village of Devikulam’s water supply and sanitation systems. Devikulam is a small village in India that comprises of 86 families and a population of approximately 358 people.
This report outlines the concerns the villagers have about the availability of clean drinking water and contaminants entering their water supply. Through our research we have found that although there are many ways to solve
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After contacting EWB about the availability of sand in the area it was found that there is enough sand within the village to be able to pursue this process. The other benefit to this method is it has been tried and tested in similar situations around the world.
There are many options available for slow sand filtration from large units that can supply the entire village with clean water to stand-alone units that can be placed in each household. After looking at these options the most cost effective and simplistic option is the individual household unit. This brings the onus of maintenance etc... back to the family whose unit it is. This can stop conflict from poor maintenance practises and disputes over water availability. It is also a less complex method, as the maintenance requirements are lower due to the size.
One issue with sand filtration is the sand granules need to be within a certain specification which can average around 0.15mm to 0.35mm depending on filtration requirements. (Biosand Filter.org, 2004) For this we have decided on using sieves with specific sized mesh to manage the correct size of sand.

Water Filtration
The final design consists of a 65 litre plastic drum for the housing of the filter media. The media consists of various layers of sand and gravel. As the unit will be operated intermittently it is essential that a layer of water is left on the surface to ensure the sand does not dry out. To combat

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