Water Essay: The Benefits Of Strawberry Infused Water

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Strawberry Infused Water

You probably have heard of fruit-infused water, which is considered a healthy way of detoxifying the body. One of the favorite fruit-flavored waters is the strawberry-infused water, which is as delightful and as nutritious as other preparations using various fruits herbs, and vegetables. One reason why this beverage has become popular is that it helps people lose weight and maintain good health.

Part 1: The Benefits of Strawberry Infused Water
Water is not only essential to survival, it is also promotes health by supporting most bodily functions and maintaining the balance in metabolism. In fact, drinking lots of water is key to boosting metabolism, which helps you lose weight.
For people who want to enjoy good taste
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The fruit used, which contains all the sweet flavors, vitamins and minerals, simply infuses through the water, without releasing its calorie content. Therefore, your drink is calorie-free, but definitely delicious and healthy.
Other health benefits of drinking strawberry-infused water include:
• It helps improve your mood.
• It helps flush toxins from your body.
• It makes you feel full so you don’t have to eat much.
• It helps release fat cells naturally.
• It helps keep food moving in your digestive system.
• It helps you sweat more during exercise.
• It helps reduce muscle fatigue during working outs.
• It helps you recover faster from exercise.
• It keeps you from feeling tired.
• It promotes weight loss by boosting your
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Mash the fresh berries or cut in chunks. Divide into four portions and place them into each jar.
2. Fill the jars with cold water.
3. Keep in the refrigerator overnight to maximize flavor.
4. If you want to use larger jars, simply double the amount of fruits.
Strawberry-and-Kiwi Water Ingredients
• 4 pieces strawberries, sliced
• 1 peeled kiwi, sliced
• 10 pieces mint leaves
• Water
• Ice
1. Place the sliced fruits and mint leaves into a pitcher.
2. Add water and ice.
3. Enjoy! Add more water as needed.
Strawberry-Watermelon-Lime Water The combination of sweetness and the tangy lime makes this drink burst with flavor.
• 10 pieces strawberries, halved
• 2 slices watermelon, cubed
• 1 piece Lime, sliced
1. Place all fruits into a pitcher.
2. Add water.
3. Add ice, if desired.
You can enjoy your drink right away, but it tastes when allowed to sit for a longer time.
Strawberry-and-Orange Water Ingredients
1/2 c strawberries, sliced
1/2 piece orange, sliced
1/4 c fresh mint
Filtered water

1. Place all ingredients into a jar.
2. Add cold water.
3. Cover tightly and allow to sit overnight in the

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