Essay on Water, Earth, Fire, And Air

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Water, earth, fire, and air. The four major environmental elements, however; three of them are in danger. Water is becoming scarce and contaminated. The Earth is running out of room for natural habitats, farms, and cities. Most city air is heavily polluted. Although fire will continue to be a natural force, humans are destroying three of the four most basic resources in the world. Due to the “longevity epidemic”, people are living longer lives, creating a population boom that the world has never seen before. Urbanization has expanded, cities have become overpopulated, resources are withering, and scientists are starting to wonder how long the Earth can sustain human life. People are living longer, and the environment is succumbing to the recklessness of mankind.
Urbanization and overpopulation are becoming rising threats to natural habitats, specifically due to the conversion of forests and grasslands to cropland, and are destroying irreplaceable elements at an alarming rate. According to the United Nations, North America is the most urban country in the world, with “…82 per cent [of Americans] living in urban areas in 2014,” the highest it has ever been. It is a well-known fact that cities are the main source of greenhouse gases, such as car exhaust, and with the new push to live in cities, these gases are continually disintegrating the ozone layer. However, the destruction of the ozone is trivial compared to the obliteration of forests and grasslands for the expansion of…

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