Water Bottles Persuasive Essay

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After perusing the ariticle about the impact platic bottles have on the Earth, it is blatently obvious that they should be banned. The process of taking water from the environment is crippling to the ecosystems. In addition to draining the planet's resources, the polyethylene terephlatete that makes up the bottles of horror can not break down and decompose. When they are not disposed of properly, the trash will litter the Earth for years. Some places, like California, have experienced drought for years, and will stay that way provided water bottle companies keep taking the water to be sold. Plastic water bottles do harm to the Earth and the only way to stop the damage is to ban them. One big reason water bottles should be banned does not have …show more content…
The industry is growing tremendously, having sales growing seven percent from 2013 (as of 2015). With all of these plastic bottles being produced, about eighty percent is incorrectly disposed of. Due to the fact that the polyethylene terephthalate plastic that makes up the bottle lacks the ablilty to break down and decompose, the only way for it to be taking care of is recycling. Many people do not do this, leading plastic bottles to become the largest source of garbage form plastic. Just every year, tens of billions of bottles end up in trash cans, not recycling bins. This sheds serious light on the fact that plastic bottles should be …show more content…
They come prefilled with a lid, making it something easy to pick up and drink in a hurry. Tap water has many more health benefits than bottled water, but it can prove to be more of a hassle than picking up a Dasani from the gas station on the corner. You have to find or pay for a reusable bottle. They do not come prefilled, so the user has to find a space to fill it up. If you are out hiking and your resusable water bottle runs out, it will be very difficult to refill. It is much easier to pick up a plastic water bottle than worry where to find a clean water source. Tap water is much better than bottled water, but just needs to become more appealing and accessible to become practical to the average

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