Water Bottle Pills Persuasive Essay

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From the middle of 2016 to present day 2017, the water bottle flipping trend has arose and stuck like gum on your shoe. However, this trend has its supporters and haters. Bottle flipping has even become a very popular challenge and activity. But, is this challenge beneficial at all? What is even the purpose of it? Bottle flipping is unbeneficial for students because it causes distraction, spills and money wasting, and 70% of students interviewed are against this new hobby.
Water bottle flipping has its ups and downs. But, those downs are what makes it so ridiculous. For one thing, this hobby causes many focus issues, in other words, distraction.Have you ever seen a student get in trouble or even get their water bottles taken away because of
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What is the first thing an immuture teenage kid thinks, “Let's bottle flip!”, plus, it is proven every day that kids have a tougher time resisting temptation. Put all of these facts together and what do you have? A money wasting kid. Kids are wasting their lunch money on bottles to flip that always, at the end of the day, end up in the trash. That’s like throwing two dollars away in the garbage! As a student, I have seen this happen multiple times. I have also seen exploding water bottle for the poor, sweet janitor to clean up. For example, a seventh grade boy bought a water bottle for flipping. While he was in line he flipped it and it instantly exploded. The boy still had to pay for it and learned his lesson. Water bottle flipping is a large money waster and they spill constantly.
When persuading, you need evidence. Well, while holding an open pole, I found out that 70% of people are against bottle flipping because of many different reasons. One main reason seen was that it makes loud/annoying sounds. This is a huge factor. As a sister, my brother always flips bottles when I am trying to do homework. The sound definitely decreases your focus. Another big one was that it provides messes,as said previously, this is unfair. Others shouldn’t be responsible for your destruction. Many students would agree that water bottle flipping should be

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