Watchmen Analysis Essay

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Watchmen: At Midnight, All the Agents..
Rachel LeBlanc
June 2nd, 2013

The Watchmen begins at the scene of the crime. Edward Blake, who was pushed off of the balcony of his apartment, is being investigated by two policemen. They discuss how Edward must have been approached by one large men, or two men because he is so big himself. Once the policemen leave, Rorschach drops a visit to see what had happened. Rorschach, the protagonist in the story, investigates the scene of the crime briefly to discover the Comedian suit in the closet. Meanwhile, Dan Dielgberg, a former crime fight named Nite Owl, shares the night with another retired partner in the investigations as they discuss the old days. Dan eventually says goodbye and heads
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The two have a nice dinner out, which shows her little affection for Dr. Manhattan, who has trouble connecting with the human race every since her died and came back alive.

The Chapter end with this quotation
“At midnight, all the agents and superhuman crew go out and round up everyone who knows more than they do.”

The quotation explains that these crime fighters and heroes wait until the evening to investigate, and with their investigation comes interrogations - some harsh. Rorschach, who is the character we follow throughout the chapter, shows by example how to round up all those who know more than he. His interrogation in the bar, where he breaks a man’s finger for answers, his conversations with various former partners, and his commitment to figuring out who is the masked killer drives him to make rational decisions and harsh interrogations. However, we cannot argue he is the most dedicated out of them all. “oh, god. Please don’t kill anybody.” Happy Harry, the owner of the bar, knows of Rorschach’s ruthless methods and understand he will do whatever it takes to get the information out. “I’ve just broken this gentleman’s finger...who killed Edward Blake?” Rorschach stays true to the investigation, while he rounds up everyone who knows more than he does... Just as the chapter ends.

Rorschach, who we follow in the Chapter, is the prime example of dedication in solving a case. He, at midnight, takes on his

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