Essay about Watching Tv : Worthy Or Not Worthy?

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Watching TV : Worthy or not Worthy? In the article” Watching TV Makes You Smarter,” the author Steven Johnson argues over the past decade that TV programs have changed its scheme from single complex narrative plots of “masses want dumb things” (Johnson, 278). to multi threat or “cognitive demanding” (Johnson,278). which basically means passing from boring and difficult programs to challenging issues which the audience would find it interest and importantly to use their brain to solve them. Johnson shows example of TV. shows that have changes their structure such as Sopranos, and Dragnet for instance. Also, Johnson argues that bad TV shows that contain controversial topics and violence would make our brain healthy rather than sick because “ What Johnson [he] argues for is a change in the criteria we use to determine what really is a cognitive junk food and what’s genuinely nourishing.” (Johnson,293)., but it seems that Johnson doesn’t take in account that violence or any inappropriate content may affect the behavior of masses specially kids. The scheme of the article illustrates and compares programs that were launched in the past with the shows of today. Also, it describes the mental process of the audience, and how this was changed by introducing more complex and expanded episodes that gives the audience the taste of predicting the outcome of the episodes. This outline reflects examples of such programs which it clearly differentiates from the one of today. Yet,…

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