Watching Tv Makes You Smarter Essay examples

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“Watching TV Makes You Smarter”

In the article, “Watching TV Makes You Smarter,” Steven Johnson claims that the progression of modern television series is making viewers smarter because of their complex plots and multi-threading techniques. I question Johnson’s statement because there is a difference between gaining knowledge and conditioning your brain by noticing techniques that are in television shows today. One gains knowledge by learning and being tested over different subject. Whereas, watching TV trains our brains to recognize the patterns that are embedded within the many plots and scenes in an episode. These brain-based skills have more to do with remembering and problem solving rather than becoming more intelligent. With that, I agree that watching advanced television series can cognitively strengthen your mind; however, there are certain factors that determine one’s intuition. These factors can allude to the types of shows one watches to how engage the viewer is when watching TV, but also one must have a perfect balance of watching something on a screen and experiencing it. Steven Johnson compares the complexity of how TV has evolved over time, and gives us the insight that modern day television viewers are getting smarter because of new multi-threading techniques. He also claims, “Even bad television is better,” in which I do not agree. With the array of television today, I find it improbable that every modern day show is actually quizzing the viewers to…

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