Watching The Film After Class Essay

715 Words Dec 1st, 2015 3 Pages
Before Thanksgiving break, we had the opportunity to watch part of The 11th Hour movie in health class. I continued to watch the film after class because it seemed very interesting to me. As I watched, I was surprised to hear that the bulk of the environmental problems in the world today are a result of individuals abusing what the world has to offer. Many of the natural disasters we face are a result of the earth fighting back to what we as humans are doing. I thought that this film was very resourceful. I never took the time to think about the harm I am bringing to the environment around me, even if it is the smallest thing.
I learned that our culture is not taking the time to realize where the world is going. The world is not self destructing, but rather we are tearing it down. We are taking away from the forests that we have across the country. It was sad to hear that many of the bigger forests will not be replaced or the trees just cannot grow back. I also learned that society needs to take into consideration what steps they can follow in order to preserve the earth. Our consumption of items in society is growing as time passes. We do not realize the supply line that we are draining. It is easy to just continue to buy things and not take the time to think about what went into these products. The film points out that we have strayed away from admiring the true beauty of the earth. We are too consumed on constantly having new things. Unfortunately, we are not happy with…

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