Essay about Watching Television And Its Effects On Children

760 Words Apr 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Young children that watch television constantly are influenced by what they see. They may not know that the whole purpose of the commercials are to sell. Today, the average time children spend watching television is 4.5 hours (Mares and Woodard). Between these hours there are many commercials being played. Although commercials are intended to reach out to adults, there are many children out watching the also. The advertisement being shown on commercials today to buy the latest toys and gadgets could be a huge effect on children, but not only that, without trying these commercials can change behaviors and show negative modeling to children that are watching. When it comes to advertising and marketing, the creators have an excellent skill of making things look better than they really are. Sometimes these commercials can lead to unhealthy habits for children. When toys, electronics, and other items are being advertised on television, children tend to want them because of how commercials or other types of advertising makes the item seem. According to Raising Children Network, the more television a child watches the more toys the child is likely to want. The word “cool” is a big deal in the marketing when trying to get children’s attention. In a recent survey of 4,003 kids in grades 4 through 8, 66 percent reported that cool defines them (Signs of Life in the USA). Being cool can lead to making a child feel the need to have every item others have, or even having a brand new…

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