Watching Television And Its Effect On Children Essay example

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Television watching, something that consumes most of my time as a college student. I have found that as I have gotten older the amount of time I spend watching television has increased exponentially as opposed to when I was younger. Which is very strange, because when I was younger, I had way more time on my hands as opposed to now being a full-time student and working part time. Also, I feel that as I have gotten older in my teenage years, I find that I am watching more shows that I thought I would never watch in my younger teenage years, because they didn’t fit my personality or because they weren 't interesting enough. I watch a plethora of different genres of television shows. On Sunday’s sports shows usually take up most of my day. I usually watch NFL football in the afternoon from noon to 5pm, which is usually on channel 9 or 4 depending on what team strikes my interest at first. Then in the evening I watch football again from 7:30 pm-10 but on channel 11. Then usually before I go to bed, I watch Bizarre foods with Andrew Zimmern, which is a food information show on my iPad on Netflix. On Monday’s I usually watch WWE Monday Night Raw, which is a wrestling reality show that is on channel 106, from 7pm-10. Then before I go to bed on Monday’s I usually watch an episode of Swamp People which is a reality television show on Netflix. On Tuesday’s and Wednesday I typically don’t have time to watch any television shows. On Thursday’s I watch an episode of WWE SmackDown, which…

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