Watching Out At The School Essay

1384 Words Dec 17th, 2015 6 Pages
Watch Out Imagine driving to go and do a simple task for your parent or anyone in your family, looking down at your phone to see a text for a matter of seconds, look up and there goes your life or another person’s life. Rushing around the school to get her late homework knowing she had to go pick up her siblings from the elementary. As she is running out the door looking down at her phone seeing all of the texts from her mom freaking out on her. So stressed, so worried, she gets in her car and bolts down to the elementary. She parks her car in front of the school. While waiting for them to come out of the school she sees her phone screen light up four more times. Her siblings get in the car, freaking out because her mom doesn’t know where they are. Pulling out on the road she speeds up to 65 MPH. Another text comes to her phone she looks down to read it, begins to look back up and “BAMMMM!” The car flips 5-6 times into a cornfield. Heads slammed against windows, she fly’s all over because she was so rushed she forgot to put her seatbelt on. “WEE WOO WEE WOO” The sound of firetrucks and police cars she begins to hear about a half an hour after the accident. Waking up seeing black dots all around her, people rushing in and out of their vehicles, the smell of smoke lingering in her car. She sees her parents standing there with nothing but streams of tears rolling down their faces. Getting jerked around in the back of the ambulance because of the sharp turns that were taken to…

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