Watching My Dad 's House Essays

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I could hear the rain hitting the window for the hundredth time tonight. I couldn 't sleep, whether it was my choice or not. I can never fall asleep at night anyway, now that it 's raining, I have another sleepless night again. Which is disappointing, I always get the best sleep at my dad 's house. In fact, it was the only time I really did sleep. It was so peaceful, but I only come once every other weekend. Then I go back to hell and listen to my mom complain about everything in the world until I get to come here.

I decided after hours of tossing and turning to just get up and watch television in the living room. My dad was sound asleep in the other room. I turned it on some random show that looked interesting just because it looked like a horror movie. I watched it all the way through and drifted off to sleep. I was trying not to think about going back home in the morning, I can 't even begin to think of that horrible thought.

Then a couple of hours later the sun was out the television was off and I was waking up to screaming parents right in the living room where I had fallen asleep. "What are you two fighting about? All I wanted was to go to sleep, can you at least let me do that?" I said already starting off this day terrible.

"Nicole we need to talk about this. You said you completed the drug rehabilitation treatment, did you? My god, Heather can 't even sleep at night anymore because she 's so use to you selling drugs in the middle of the damn night!" My dad…

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