Essay on Watching Movies Vs. Television

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Movies and television are means of creative expression, generating mass media culture arising from folk, popular, or mass origins. This form of mass media serves as a source of information, education, entertainment, and culture to large audiences from one screen. Almost everyone has seen a movie, or a TV show that has influenced his or her life. I enjoy watching movies or TV shows, whether it is at on my television in my house, or going out to the theater and watching it on the big screen.

Going to the movie theater used to serve as a special day to me, usually spent with my family or friends for an event. Going to the theaters and buying the popcorn, candy and soda was a big day out for my family. As the prices rise, and we get older and our lives are busy, we go less and less. A trip to the movies can cost up to $30, depending on what you are buying. The last time I went to the movie theater I was babysitting, it was a place that would keep the kids entertained for two hours, and I got to watch a movie I enjoyed. I took the kids to see the Pixar movie, Inside Out. With Inside Out being an animated movie, I feel as if it doesn’t make a big enough difference whether I watch it on a large screen, or on my own TV. Movies with darker scenes, or serious action scenes, I enjoy watching on the movie theater screen. I think the dark room, and the large screen adds to the excitement of the movie and keeps me on edge with the movie. With the movie Inside Out, there was a…

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