Watching Movies At The Movie Theater Essay

1032 Words Nov 6th, 2015 null Page
For several decades watching movies has been considered to be one of Americas past times. In the past, if people wanted to see a movie, the only place they could see it was a movie theater. Today, TV providers allow their customers to watch movies at the comfort of their own home. Although a person might be watching the same film, watching movies at a theater or at home are two considerably different experiences.
First and foremost, at a movie theater, a person will primarily notice its features: projector, sound, and comfort. These are features that improve every year to keep appealing to their audience. The theater’s main component is the big screen. The big screen provides a high definition picture that can be experienced either in the second, third, or IMAX dimensions. Additionally, the sound system at the movie theater enhances the movie’s sound during different times of the film, which help create suspense. Last but not least, movie theaters try to make their audience as comfortable as possible. They provide cushioned, reclinable, leveled seating and even have massage chairs that make their audience feel like they are a part of the movie.
On the other hand, at home individuals adjust exactly how they want to experience their movie. In an average home, there is most likely a standard television with standard sound. Still, it is great for people as they adjust the contrast and volume of the television to where it is suitable for their eyes and ears. However, there are…

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