Watching For Tell Tale Signs Case Study

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Few things in life are harder than watching a son fall into and struggle with an addiction to alcohol or drugs. It can make a parent feel like a failure and inspires feelings of helplessness. However, you can make a vital difference in your son 's life by making a stand and getting him help. It will be a difficult process for you both, but it can help save him from a life of destructive addiction.

Watching For Tell-Tale Signs
Drug use and addiction will change your son 's behavior in a wide variety of ways. You might not even feel like you know who he is any more. Watch for the following symptoms and behaviors to help decide whether you want to approach your son about addiction:

Changes in behavior, including acting out in a negative way
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However, they will receive dedicated detoxification treatments, regular medical care, and psychological and emotional treatment. They will also have access to a friendly peer group that is also fighting through addiction.
Outpatient rehab: teens stay at home during the duration of this care. They still receive detoxification treatments, but won 't have as ready access to medical care. Psychological and emotional treatments will occur 3-5 days a week, on-site.
Wilderness drug rehabs: teens go into the wilderness with a carefully monitored group. During this process, teens experience recovery while working hard every day to gather wood, make fires, cook food, and make tents. Many teens experience a strong sense of spiritual recovery in wilderness rehab.
Boot camps: teens experience a rough, military-type experience. This treatment is similar to wilderness drug rehab, but is much harsher. Teens must follow strict rules or face expulsion. Appropriate only for people teens fighting against their own recovery.

All of these options will include some form of detoxification as well as mental and emotional assessment and care. The first three (especially inpatient rehabilitation) often integrate holistic care options, such as yoga or meditation, into their treatment
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Most rehabilitation centers are generalized for multiple types of people. This means your teen may spend time with adults, rather than their peers. Peer recovery has been shown to be an incredibly effective way to treat addiction, so placing him in a center in which he 's surrounded by people his own age may aid his recovery.

Finding Ways To Pay
Paying for rehabilitation may seem like an impossible task: some centers can cost thousands of dollars a day. However, Obamacare has made it necessary for every insurance provider to offer some form of addiction care in its policies. If your son is still covered by your insurance, there is a good chance at least some of his treatment will be covered.

The amount depends on your policy and your provider. For example, some insurers provide plans that cover 60% of all treatment costs, while others cover 80%. Sometimes, you must also make a deductible before coverage kicks in: lower plans usually require at least

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