Waste Elimination Is One Of The Most Effective Ways For Increase The Profitability Of Any Business

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"Waste elimination is one of the most effective ways to increase the profitability of any business" (McBride). There are seven wastes that originated from Japan, which is known as Muda. "Muda is a Japanese word for waste" (Summers). Muda "was originally developed by Toyota’s Chief Engineer Taiichi Ohno as the core of the Toyota Production System, also known as Lean Manufacturing" (McBride). In the baking and pastry industry, we want to eliminate Muda as much as we can because we need to be more productive, not waste time and money. To eliminate the seven wastes in the baking and pastry industry we need to understand what waste is and where it exists (McBride). As Summers says, "Though in practice, elimination of muda is very specific focusing you on several key opportunities to become more efficient and therefore reduce your costs or increase your opportunity to be productive (make more money)". There are seven different wastes, waiting, motion, overproduction, rework, processing, inventory and transportation.
Waiting is delaying time for something to finish. "Typically more than 99% of a product 's life in traditional batch-and-queue manufacture will be spent waiting to be processed. Much of a product’s lead time is tied up in waiting for the next operation; this is usually because material flow is poor, production runs are too long, and distances between work centers are too great." (McBride). For example, in class I have seen people wait for the ice cream machines to be…

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