Was the Red Scare Credible? Essay examples

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Was The Red Scare Credible?
The ability to be a credible person can go a long way in a time of panic, which was the case with Senator Joseph McCarthy during the Red Scare in the 1950s. During that time Senator McCarthy made some accusations of people being communist that were for the most part believed during the early 1950s. It is arguable that people believed him not because he had proof, but because he was a senator and worked for government.

When looked at, this reason seams very reasonable since most Americans or even the average American did not understand what was occurring during that time or were uninformed. Thus, it would be very easy to take advantage of the people living in America, with false accusations and propaganda
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The Second Red Scare of the United States occurred after the Second World War had ended in the 1950s. The difference between the situation of the Second Red Scare to the First Red Scare was the Second Red Scare occurred in a time when the United States were looking to contain communism from spreading to Western Europe and most importantly to the rest of the world. During the Second Red Scare, the Cold War began between the Soviet Union and the United States. There was no actual fighting between both sides in terms of weapons or violence during the Cold War. The Second Red Scare had The House Committee on Un-American Activities or HUAC. The House Committee on Un-American Activities was made so it would investigate un-American and subversive activities and originally investigated both left wing and right wing political parties, which would later go on to change. Eventually communist related issues during the period of the Red Scare were being investigated. The House Committee on Un-American Activities then switched its attention to the possibility that the ACP or American Communist Party had infiltrated the Federal Writers Project and other New Deal projects. The HUAC eventually would end up investigating the Hollywood Motion Picture Industry during the period of the Second Red Scare and eventually the investigation lead to the Hollywood Ten, the Red Channels, which

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