Was The New Deal A Success? Essay

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Was the New Deal a success? Well it all started with the Great Depression. The Great Depression was a period of time when millions of people were losing their savings due to economic failures. It was also known as “Black Tuesday”. It was caused by the industry and agriculture involved in the city. In the industry, railroads were taken over by trucks, buses, and cars and everyone didn’t need that type of transportation anymore. Coal was lost 50% due to hydroelectric power, natural gas, and oil and fewer homes were being built and this affected residence. In the field of agriculture, farmers were overproducing in order to feed a majority of Europe. Loans were taken out in order to expand the businesses and this caused prices to drop 40% after the war and the government price support bought crops and tried to resell them after. Once the unemployment rate reached its all time high, Herbert Hoover came in to help when he was elected in 1928. He believed in three things: Rugged individualism, the government not interfering in businesses, and that the depression was just a waste of time. These three things all ended in a failure when millions of people were unemployed and there was a failing government. After Hoover 's term, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected in 1932 and this how the New Deal began. The New Deal was a variety of programs seeking to help those affected by the depression. He was the one to comfort people and let them know that he was there to help. “The only thing we…

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