Was The Industrial Revolution Good For Society Essay

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The British Industrial Revolution started in the late 1700’s. England was the first places to have an Industrial Revolution and it took place many years before the United States had theirs. However the Industrial Revolution was not good for the society because in result there were overall bad living and working conditions which included crowded and unsanitary cities and homes and long hours that resulted in lower pay that could barely support any family.

The Industrial Revolution first came to England for many reasons. England was the first to have an Agricultural Revolution. This meant that they transitioned into a more advanced and more productive way of life. They were able to produce more crops in a faster amount of time with inventions like the seed drill, the hoe, mechanical reapers, mechanical thresher and they came up with the idea of plowing the crops in rows. They also figured out which crops could be alternated and they grew more hay, which they fed to the animals so they got more meat. Another reason England was first to have an Industrial Revolution was because they had prime resources. England had iron and coal, which then could produce
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The Industrial Revolution was no good for society because it did absolutely nothing beneficial for the people during that time. It might have made the owners of the factories richer, but the people who had to work in those factories had to live in terrible conditions everyday. They had low pay and long hours for adult and for the children that had to work. Also the factories took over causing the cities to become crowded and the streets and water become unsanitary. There were also bad living conditions that the people had to live in like the tenements were very small and crowded and the buildings were very unstable. The Industrial Revolution in England was very horrible for the people who had to live through it and it did no good for the

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