Was Julius Caesar Good Or Bad

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Julius Caesar. Arguably the biggest name in Roman History. Regarded by many as the greatest leader in the history of the Roman Empire. Born Gaius Octavius Caesar, and known as Octavian, he grew up from the age of 4 with no father. Raised by his uncle, Julius Caesar, who he later inherited the name from. Caesar grew to be dictator of Rome and left on his conquests to conquer other peoples. Until he was ordered back. Knowing he'd be killed he made possibly the boldest decision of his life and crossed the Rubicon River and invaded Rome. But what if he hadn't crossed the Rubicon? What if he didn't know what awaited him when he returned? Maybe he would have set forth a butterfly effect changing the entirety of our current knowledge of the Roman …show more content…
Was his assassination really worth it in the end? What if he hadn't made that fateful choice of crossing the rubicon with his army? He was bound to be killed anyways if he had come back alone. Caesar was smart so when he was ordered back to Rome he had the idea in his head already that he wouldn't live to fulfill and continue as the dictator of Rome for life. What if he had come back alone? He was a cunning and sharp man, maybe he could use that to his advantage and only be sentenced to prison or something less. It would've stopped the entire plot to assassinate him. He would simply be alive in jail for however long the Senate decided. Not a single conspirator would've even been a conspirator or died because they wouldn't have even had the idea in the first place. Also the soldiers and people who died or killed themselves in the battle would still be alive and Rome would've still been a strong empire. Caesars death sent Rome into turmoil. If he was alive Rome wouldn't have rioting or have fallen apart. Caesar was the cement Rome used to build its empire. He held it together and maybe if the conspirators had realized that sooner, they'd all still be …show more content…
Caesar coming peacefully to Rome and yes maybe he would've been executed, but many other lives that didn't need to be taken for something so petty. Caesar being executed and dying honorable would've at least kept the citizens under control. Also the conspirators wouldn't be looked at so harshly and rioted against. Yes people would be upset and mourn Caesar however that way it would've been settled on more peaceful terms. That same act of Caesar crossing the rubicon started a gigantic chain of horrible deaths and uncontrollable riots. Also this led to the fall of Rome itself. So if Caesar really wanted what was best for Rome, maybe coming back alone and taking an honorable death wouldn't have been such a horrible idea.
In conclusion, no matter what path Caesar had taken, it led to death. The Roman Senate had checkmated him. However he was so blind to see what his actions would cause that it led to the complete downfall of Rome. Both paths leading to one outcome. Death. But would Caesar really have chosen the same path if he'd seen the horrors of his choices later on? Who knows. Maybe the next big decision someone makes will cause the downfall of our “empire” today. So choose

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