Essay about Was I Born A Woman?

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When we were announced to break into two groups, those that feel privileged and those that feel non-privileged. In those few seconds, I knew we were going to be split up into girls and boys, however, I felt more accustomed to going with the guys then the girls, yet I stayed. It felt weird to say we were the oppressed group because we are women, yet I never felt that until I got into college. I never had to think about being a woman, only at times did I ask myself why was I born a woman. I think I felt weird due to being the oldest in my family, my family consists of my parents, my younger sisters and I. Being the oldest in the family, I was taught to be the strongest and watch over my younger siblings. I would spend my summers going to work with my dad in his pallet business, meaning being near dirt, spiders, and anything bug-like creature. Dressed in non-tight jeans with a big sweater for those days that felt windy. My sisters always come to me with problems when a guy is trying to hit on them and I am there to defend them from such things, don’t these characteristics consider me more like a guy than a woman? Yet I never thought about it until now. In the group, we began talking about our experiences. They were different yet similar, which I began to giggle in such different reasons. One experience that still is funny to me is the thing about younger siblings getting it less tough (usually male siblings). They began to explain how being a girl they had to get all A’s or…

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