Was Christopher Columbus Landed On The Island Of The North American Continent?

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In 1492, an explorer by the name of Christopher Columbus landed on the Canary Islands off the coast of the North American continent, and ran into the indigenous people, the “Indians”, who lived there. His discoveries of this new continent, and the lust for natural resources such as gold that were spotted on the people that lived there led to an abundance of European conquistadors, Spanish for conquerors, coming to the Americas in order to pillage the land for its exquisite and valuable commodities. With this sudden introduction of Spanish people to the land, many Indians, or Native Americans, succumbed to new diseases that were brought over from Europe that their immune systems could not handle. Many of the others were practically enslaved by the more powerful and advanced Europeans, and were forced to live their lives searching for gold and other precious metals on behalf of the Europeans. Naturally, this was a massive blow to the pride of these people, and they viewed the intrusion of the white man onto their land as a very negative event in their history. Essentially, a parallel between this invasion of the Native Americans by white men, and the medical procedure performed on a Native American woman by a white man in the short story “Indian Camp” by Ernest Hemingway is present. From the entrance of the white man onto the land of the Native Americans by boat, to the surgical “invasion” on the body a Native American woman which results in the suicide of her husband, it is…

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